The Niva Greenhouses Group of Companies is building two greenhouses of one hectare each in Urgench and the Yangiarik District of the Khorezm Region. Both projects are planned to be completed in July this year and in August to begin sowing vegetables.

The company has opened a representative office in the Khorezm Region. The Spot reporter was informed by the company's CEO Umar Musaev on that at the Expo-Russia Uzbekistan 2018 exhibition of Russian producers.

“The yield of greenhouses is at least 200 tons per hectare a year. In the future, we will purchase finished products from farmers and deliver to Russia. There is a great need for fresh tomatoes. We decided to cooperate with Uzbekistan, as Uzbek products are supplied in large volumes to Russia. It turns out a mutually beneficial exchange,” said Umar Musaev.

The greenhouses will be equipped with modern Dutch equipment for automatic irrigation, microclimate control, hydroponics, and a curtaining system. Given the interruptions in gas supply, combined boilers are installed in the greenhouses. In the greenhouse in Urgench, they will run on coal and gas, and in the Yanagiryk District, gas and diesel.

The total cost of projects exceeds $1 million. The plans also include projects in the Bukhara Region, Tashkent, Andijan, and Karakalpakstan. Preliminary contracts have been concluded for these projects. In these greenhouses tomatoes will be mostly grown. It is also planned to build a 2-hectare greenhouse in Tashkent to grow Dutch roses.

“We have big plans for Uzbekistan. We want to open a wholesale distribution center here in order to purchase all products, store, and most importantly, pack them correctly according to the standards of the chain stores in Russia. We plan to open a warehouse in the Khorezm Region. The administration of the region meets our needs. We will take part in a tender to obtain premises at a zero rate, where previously there were storage facilities. We will reconstruct them, supply refrigeration equipment, a corrugated packaging production line, ”said the Director General of Niva Greenhouses.

Earlier, Spot wrote that the Dutch Dalsem is building a 2.7 hectare greenhouse for 6 million euros near Nukus.